Beans and rice are nice

beans and rice recipe

Everyone should have one. A household absolutely shouldn’t be asked to run without it. A great beans and rice recipe, that is! Beans and rice are cheap, healthy and a wonderful comfort food.

This beans and rice recipe is simple, consisting of only pantry ingredients. I make it every week for my husbands lunches. Left overs are used as a side to accompany any Tex-mex dishes that are on the dinner menu for the week.

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Cheap and Easy? Dried Beans and the Slow Cooker

Canned beans are a more frugal protein source than meat. But if you are looking to cut your grocery budget to the bone, dried beans can definitely help you out! Not to mention, they are healthy and take up a minuscule amount of pantry space.

But dried beans take forever to soak and cook! Nobody has time for that!

You would think that dried beans would be much less convenient than canned, but you would be wrong! I’ll explain how to make pounds of prepared beans with moments of hands on effort.

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In a World Where Frugality is Normal

I mentioned in my 2016 Goals Update post that I am reading Money Saving Secrets of the Amish. The author makes it clear that Thrift is a virtue in Amish culture. It made me think what would life be like if Frugality were a virtue in my culture?

Would it be cool to flaunt your new clothes and flash your brandy-brands?Would brandy-brands exist?

It seems to me that many brands exist for the sake of having their logos plastered across their customers chests, or breast pockets, or purse, you get the picture. Their names are so much a marker of quality as they are a signal that “Hey , look at me! I spent a lot of money on this thing. I must be super successful. Grin!” Or sadly and more accurately. “I know what is cool, too. Please don’t make fun of me. Sheepish grin…”

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Cheap Super Bowl Party Food

This is a repost of my super bowl menu from two years ago. I still love and use these recipes! I hope they inspire you when you are preparing your menu for Super Bowl Sunday. Go Broncos!

I’m having a few friends over for the big game. They are bringing over chips and salsa so I am planning a list of goodies that are complimentary flavors.

Super Cheap Super bowl Menu:

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Weekly Meal Plan – Week of 9/14/14

weekly meal plan

The weather is turning colder so that means more soups and stews. It also means I’m trying a few new recipes this week.

The garden is putting out the last of the harvest. I’m excited about the variety, but sad that the food from the garden is coming to an end. I’m freezing the excess tomatoes and drying dill to use over the winter in addition to using up the last bits and pieces of vegetables in stir fry early on in the week.

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Weekly Meal Plans: the Pros and Cons

pros and cons of meal planningThis is the first time for me to post a weekly meal plan. I have been thinking about trying out meal planning for awhile because it seems to be a technique frugal bloggers/authors often employ. Some frugal folks go gung-ho and monthly meal plan. I figured I would start small and see where it takes me. I thought about the following pros/cons of weekly meal planning…

Pros of Weekly Meal Planning:

  • You can match up weekly grocery store sales with the meal plan for the week
  • It is easier to match up meals with your weekly schedule
  • It is easy to match up with a weekly budget
  • I grocery shop weekly so it is easier to grab a few extra ingredients for a new recipe I am wanting to try
  • It is easier to predict what you might “feel like” eating, based on cravings lately, weather etc.

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Garden Photos Week of 7.14

bee and cone flower

It has been forever and a day since I last posted garden photos! The bees made themselves at home on our cone flowers. I have to be careful when I step into my small garden plot to harvest herbs and veggies, so I don’t disturb them. Sometimes I accidentally shake the plants and they buzz around agitatedly, but no stings yet!

All three varieties of tomatoes have fruited. I can’t wait for them to ripen. This year I planted three different colors of tomatoes.

yellow tomato

Yellow Tomatoes

black krim tomato

Black Krim – Purple

amish paste tomato

Amish Paste – Red

Remember the tiny green been plants from last month? They are now a green bean jungle.

green bean garden

We have enough beans to serve as a side every couple of days. We are also harvesting a little bit of basil, cilantro, and swiss chard. I’m trying to enjoy the greens and herbs as much as possible. Since my lettuce bolted I was reminded that I should enjoy what is in the garden while it lasts!

garden bounty green beans herbs and swiss chard

I thought I had a volunteer pumpkin plant from the compost I worked into the garden. I knew I threw a jack-o-lantern into the compost heap last fall. It looks like my theory is wrong because my volunteers are summer squashes. Yay! It would have been cool to grow our own pumpkins, but I love, love, love summer squash!

tiny summer squash

bees on coneflowers

How is your garden growing? Have the bees moved in?