Beans and rice are nice

beans and rice recipe

Everyone should have one. A household absolutely shouldn’t be asked to run without it. A great beans and rice recipe, that is! Beans and rice are cheap, healthy and a wonderful comfort food.

This beans and rice recipe is simple, consisting of only pantry ingredients. I make it every week for my husbands lunches. Left overs are used as a side to accompany any Tex-mex dishes that are on the dinner menu for the week.

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Cheap Super Bowl Party Food

This is a repost of my super bowl menu from two years ago. I still love and use these recipes! I hope they inspire you when you are preparing your menu for Super Bowl Sunday. Go Broncos!

I’m having a few friends over for the big game. They are bringing over chips and salsa so I am planning a list of goodies that are complimentary flavors.

Super Cheap Super bowl Menu:

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Orange Muffins and Earl Grey

I’m excited to get back into the swing of posting recipes! I made these muffins for the first time in the brief period between my oven breaking for the first and second time. Orange muffins are the perfect breakfast accompaniment to Earl Grey tea, which is orange scented as well. I bake these off by the double batch so I can freeze one batch of muffins for later.
orange muffins and earl grey tea


Orange Scented Muffins:

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Granny’s Potato Salad

granny's potato salad

OK. So I should fess up immediately that this is not my granny’s potato salad per se. It is an old fashioned version of potato salad that other people’s grannies seem to make. So lets go with that – it is someone else’s granny’s potato salad.

Also, for the past two Fiesta Fridays I was that person at the party. I just brought a few fun stories but no food! One can only get away with that sort of thing for so long you know!

My rebellion isn’t completely over though. Since I’m officially in denial about summer being unofficially over, I’m bringing a summer cookout favorite to the party. I’ll be over here, eating potato salad while wearing a white outfit, and a big floppy straw hat, pretending labor day has yet to come…

Potato Salad :

6 Medium potatoes cubed and cooked – I prefer not to peel them, if you like them peeled, go for it!

2 Hard boiled eggs – chopped

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No Bake Orange Creamsicle Pie

orange creamsicle pie

I’m late to the party but it is still fiesta friday and I’m bringing a special treat! My grand aunt made a version this pie for my family during a recent visit. Her pie was strawberry and it was wonderful. She graciously shared the recipe for this no bake gem. The prep takes about 10 minutes and the pie rests in the fridge until you are ready for it. This is the perfect desert for summer gatherings!

Today’s rendition of this genius pie is orange creamsicle – orange jello and vanilla yogurt – but you can change up the flavors with different combinations of yogurt and jello. I already can’t wait to try out key lime and lemon!

1 small box jello (6 oz) – today’s pie uses orange jello but you can use any flavor
1/4 cup boiling water
12 0z yogurt – today I’m rocking vanilla
8 oz cool whip, I liked the frozen variety
1 graham cracker crust
no bake yogurt pie
Empty jello into bowl – heat up water in a microwave safe container
Mix water with jello in a large bowl until dissolved.
Mix in yogurt until blended.
Then, fold in cool whip – mix well.
Pour into graham cracker crust
Refrigerate for several hours until set.
What festive flavor combinations would you try?
no bake orange creamsicle pie