A short blogging absence and some big news

I haven’t posted since September but I have a good excuse (good excuses really) – I promise! Cooking anything new and creative for the last quarter of 2015 was a challenge for sure.

First my husband and I found out we are expecting (yay!) and the first trimester made me want to quit eating (not so yay), quit cooking (what?!), quit looking at food on pintrest (now that’s just sad). No new recipes were made during this time. But I did manage to finish a half Marathon in October at 10 weeks along.

Then my oven broke. We fixed it with a new control board in October. Actually my husband worked on the oven while I napped post marathon. We were back in business for baking… For awhile.

As the second trimester rolled around I went from food aversions to cravings. Nobody wants to eat what I was craving. Namely raw celery and other raw veggies dipped in sour cream. Or lets just be honest  here – sour cream by itself, straight out of the container. I also made a lot of tacos, beans and rice and nachos because they are effective and socially acceptable vehicles for more sour cream (giant jar of DIY taco seasoning for the win!).

Then our oven broke- AGAIN. Like two days after the warranty on the control board expired. Boo! This time we just replaced the whole oven. The new oven arrived a week before Christmas. Many muffins were made that day. Muffins with no sour cream added :D.

So that’s what happened over my blogging break. Now that I’ve passed the pregnancy half way point, I’m back to eating normal things and my kitchen is fully functional, so I’ll be posting recipes again soon! I’m very excited for what 2015 will bring.

Have a happy and healthy New Year!


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