Weekly Meal Plan – Week of 9/14/14

weekly meal plan

The weather is turning colder so that means more soups and stews. It also means I’m trying a few new recipes this week.

The garden is putting out the last of the harvest. I’m excited about the variety, but sad that the food from the garden is coming to an end. I’m freezing the excess tomatoes and drying dill to use over the winter in addition to using up the last bits and pieces of vegetables in stir fry early on in the week.

Last week I finally made the dal nirvana! I substituted coconut milk for the cream. I’m sure it would have been amazing with the cream but sadly it wasn’t as rich as I would have wanted with the coconut milk. Also, I couldn’t make naan because it usually includes yogurt and my husband tries to really limit dairy. Sadly I think Indian food may be mostly out of the meal rotation ­čśŽ

Items on sale this week: bottom round, broccoli, celery, grapes, onions, red potatoes, onions

From the Garden: Tomatoes, swiss chard, green beans, yellow squash

Lunch Dinner
Sunday Left overs from anniversary dinner  10 minute Tomato and White Bean Soup*, Home made bread, spinach salad with hard boiled eggs
Monday Left over meat balls  Chicken stir fry, rice
Tuesday Whole wheat chicken wraps with spinach  Chipotle chicken bowls*
Wednesday  Left over chipotle chicken bowls Crockpot beef stew* with homemade bread
Thursday Working lunch Left over beef stew and bread
Friday  Chicken, rice and steamed veggies  Chicken wraps with spinach
Saturday  Lunch with family  Dinner with family

*New recipe! If it is a keeper you might see it on the blog!

Easy out options: Hot dogs  and microwaved sweet potatoes or spaghetti

Snacks: Nuts, dried fruit, mixed raw veggies, popcorn, chips and salsa

Breakfasts: Coffee, almond milk, hard-boiled eggs, toast.

Photo Cred: John Hix | Dreamstime Stock Photos


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