Weekly Meal Plan Week of 9/7/14

weekly meal plan

Last week was my first week to fill out a weekly meal plan. I learned that I need to get a better handle on portion control! I made sloppy joes one night and had left overs for three more meals! Oh well, we really like that sloppy joe recipe so it was no big deal and we were happy to have the leftovers. That just meant that I pushed some of the meals I planned for last week to this week.

Filling out the meal plan really did help with making the grocery list at the beginning of the week. Speaking of grocery shopping I scored some awesome deals after labor day.

I have noticed that Aldi puts hamburger and hot dog buns on clearance after summer holidays and they didn’t let me down this week! Also I found ground beef on sale at my local Kroger. Yay for holiday leftovers!

This week it looks like we’ll have sunny weather early in the week with rain after Wednesday, then clearing out for the weekend. I tried planning my grilled meals around that.

Items on sale this week: Grapes, avocados

From the Garden: Tomatoes, swiss chard

Lunch Dinner
Sunday Event luncheon with family dal nirvana*, rice (didn’t get around to this last week)
Monday PB&J Hamburgers on the grill, sweet potato fries, watermelon
Tuesday leftover dal and rice, tomatoes spinach, grape and chicken salad, watermelon
Wednesday chicken salad wraps, fruit bbq meat balls, garlic, smashed potatoes, steamed veggies
Thursday Left over meat balls, steamed veggies Breakfast for dinner: Dutch Baby, fruit, scrambled eggs
Friday Left over meat balls, steamed veggies dinner with friends
Saturday Turkey dogs on the grill. Chips and salsa free day

*New recipe! If it is a keeper you might see it on the blog!

Easy out options: Hot dogs  and microwaved sweet potatoes or spaghetti

Snacks: Nuts, dried fruit, mixed raw veggies, popcorn, chips and salsa

Breakfasts: Coffee, almond milk, hard-boiled eggs, toast.

Photo Cred: John Hix | Dreamstime Stock Photos


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