Weekly Meal Plans: the Pros and Cons

pros and cons of meal planningThis is the first time for me to post a weekly meal plan. I have been thinking about trying out meal planning for awhile because it seems to be a technique frugal bloggers/authors often employ. Some frugal folks go gung-ho and monthly meal plan. I figured I would start small and see where it takes me. I thought about the following pros/cons of weekly meal planning…

Pros of Weekly Meal Planning:

  • You can match up weekly grocery store sales with the meal plan for the week
  • It is easier to match up meals with your weekly schedule
  • It is easy to match up with a weekly budget
  • I grocery shop weekly so it is easier to grab a few extra ingredients for a new recipe I am wanting to try
  • It is easier to predict what you might “feel like” eating, based on cravings lately, weather etc.

Con’s of Weekly Meal Planning

  • It is less efficient – you have to do it every week rather than knocking it out all at once for a month
  • You have to grocery shop every week – again less efficient
  • Doesn’t encourage “stocking up” on cheap ingredients as much as monthly meal planning

I’m going to try to have on hand a few “easy out” meals that are quick to prepare and well liked. That way if I don’t feel like eating something on my weekly plan I can push that recipe to the next week and make the easy out meal rather than eating out.

So here it is my first try at weekly meal planning:

Items on sale this week: Grapes, sweet corn, chicken thighs

From the Garden: Tomatoes, swiss chard

Lunch Dinner
Sunday Brunch with family bbq chicken on the grill, potato salad*, watermelon
Monday sloppy joes, watermelon, sweet corn pasta with turkey meat sauce, romaine salad
Tuesday chicken, rice, steamed veggies, grapes chicken stir fry, brown rice, edamame
Wednesday ramen, steamed veggies, grapes dal nirvana*, rice
Thursday chicken, rice, steamed veggies, grapes Breakfast for dinner: Dutch Baby, fruit, scrambled eggs
Friday left overs dinner with friends
Saturday left overs free day

*New recipe! If it is a keeper you might see it on the blog!

Easy out options: Hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill, microwaved sweet potatoes.

Snacks: Nuts, dried fruit, mixed raw veggies, popcorn, chips and salsa

Breakfasts: Coffee, almond milk, hard boiled eggs, toast.

Photo Cred: John Hix | Dreamstime Stock Photos


2 thoughts on “Weekly Meal Plans: the Pros and Cons

  1. Hi Ashley,
    I like your meal plan for the week and I think planning meals ahead of time is so smart and thrifty. Funny thing, when I started blogging I posted meal plans every week but I have veered off the schedule because I just cannot stay so organized, lol.
    If you can pull it off, especially with a big family, it is the best way to go.
    So nice to find your lovely blog! Thanks for visiting. I’m going to enjoy exploring your site!

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