Garden Photos Week of 7.14

bee and cone flower

It has been forever and a day since I last posted garden photos! The bees made themselves at home on our cone flowers. I have to be careful when I step into my small garden plot to harvest herbs and veggies, so I don’t disturb them. Sometimes I accidentally shake the plants and they buzz around agitatedly, but no stings yet!

All three varieties of tomatoes have fruited. I can’t wait for them to ripen. This year I planted three different colors of tomatoes.

yellow tomato

Yellow Tomatoes

black krim tomato

Black Krim – Purple

amish paste tomato

Amish Paste – Red

Remember the tiny green been plants from last month? They are now a green bean jungle.

green bean garden

We have enough beans to serve as a side every couple of days. We are also harvesting a little bit of basil, cilantro, and swiss chard. I’m trying to enjoy the greens and herbs as much as possible. Since my lettuce bolted I was reminded that I should enjoy what is in the garden while it lasts!

garden bounty green beans herbs and swiss chard

I thought I had a volunteer pumpkin plant from the compost I worked into the garden. I knew I threw a jack-o-lantern into the compost heap last fall. It looks like my theory is wrong because my volunteers are summer squashes. Yay! It would have been cool to grow our own pumpkins, but I love, love, love summer squash!

tiny summer squash

bees on coneflowers

How is your garden growing? Have the bees moved in?



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