Garden Photos Week of 6.10

green beans

Insects that look like tiny flys nibble on my beans every year. They’re back again for the summer. I try to pick off any pests from my plants by hand, but these little nastys just fly away when I approach the plants. I’m trying a homemade spray to get rid of them. I’ll share it in the future if it is effective.

pea flower

I harvested the first pea pod of the season. More pea flowers are popping up by the day. I don’t think I’ll have enough at any one time to use them for anything more than a garnish, but they’re still fun to grow.


We harvested a tiny salad this week! They lettuce is still growing strong.

sweet potato in a planter

I planted the last two sweet potato vines in a larger planter that I filled with perennial plants.

squash plantpepper plant

The squashes and peppers are doing well.


Since all of the seedlings were gone from these pots I planted more herbs and some marigold seeds. I just couldn’t help it!

How is your garden coming along? Any exciting developments?




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