Garden Photos Week of 6.4

My little garden plot is slowly growing along, although not unhampered by pests. The beans look pretty good so far.


My peas were attacked while we were gone last weekend. By bunnies? Birds? I don’t know… I was so excited to add peas to the list of plants I’m growing this year — but, oh well. There are still a few stragglers, hanging on.

peas and lettuce

The strongest plant set its first pod and has two blossoms.

pea pod

pea flower

The potted lettuce is chugging right along. Maybe I’ll start to harvest it this week.

lettuce in pots

The summer squash has sprouted and I planted sweet potato slips next to the squash plants.

squash and sweet potato

I added a hot pepper plant and three tomato plants (not pictured) to the garden this week. I have more sweet potato slips to plant and I’m thinking about maybe using them in a planter along with some flowers. We’ll see.

pepper plant


How is your garden doing? Do you have any tips to protect my remaining peas?


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