Garden Pictures: Week of 5.28

Now that the weather is warming up I finally have enough going on in the garden to share. I have to grow my small garden in the front yard since it is the only plot with a southern exposure and full sun.

I planted peas in late March. Some were attacked by bunnies. Luckily, I had some extra starts in pots, so I used those seedlings to fill in the rows. I put up strings for the peas to climb last weekend.

garden peas

I have lettuce planted in rows and in pots. I also tried to start onions in pots from seed. They don’t look so good.

lettuce in pots


I also have swiss chard in a pot and tucked in between some of the flowers.

swiss chard in pots

The green beans were planted about a week and a half ago. They didn’t waste any time sprouting!

garden green beans

I planted summer squash last weekend but it hasn’t sprouted yet. I usually buy my tomatoes as plants. I have found that in mid to late June selection of tomato plants is limited but they are dirt cheap, so I am waiting to buy them. I also hope to get a pepper plant and maybe start some sweet potato slips soon.

Are you growing anything good in your garden?


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