8 Uses for Mason Jars


8 Uses for Mason JarsI love mason jars!  They are the swiss army knife of containers and they have like a million uses beyond canning. I don’t have the guts to try canning, but that doesn’t stop me of having a cabinet full of mason jars. Here are a few reasons why.

Measuring Cups:

I love that mason jars have measurement markings on the side. The hashes on my jars are in 2 fluid oz. increments. 2 oz. = 1/4 Cup. I know I have 2 cup and 1 cup jars. This is super useful for cooking when I have dry and wet goods to measure. Like when I’m making rice, I can measure water in one jar and rice in the other. If I use my one real measuring cup the rice bits stick to the wet cup and that really annoys me. I don’t know why…

Store Dry Goods:

Granola, beans, rice, lentils, dried herbs and spice mixes (like DIY taco seasoning) all store very well in mason jars. And see how cute they are?



easy diy taco seasoning

Store leftovers and make ahead meals:

Mason jars are also great containers for refrigerated leftovers and make ahead meals. They are a great replacement for plastic zip lock or Tupperware containers. There’s no need to try and find a specific lid for a specific container. If you somehow lose all of the lids for a certain size of jar, reorder them on Amazon.

Freeze soups and sauces:

One of my co workers let me know that you can freeze mason jars. This is life changing! I can make a huge batch of soup or chilli and freeze single serving sized jars for later. The frozen jars go in lunches to be reheated during the day. Since the jars are glass, tomato based foods don’t stain them. No more orange plastic food containers! Yay!

I also froze many jars of homemade salsa verde I made from my tomato bumper crop last summer. Supper yummy!

salsa verde

Super Cute Soap Containers:

I haven’t made these myself yet but I think they are so pretty. So if someone wants to make these for my birthday… (hint, hint).

mason jar soap dispenser

Via the frugal homemaker


Functional Decorations:

Mason jars can also multi task as vases, candle holders (even make candles in the jars if you are super crafty), and utensil containers. They can pretty much hold any thing-a-ma-bob you can think of.


Via the sweetest occasion

floating candle

Via emma line bride

Single serving cheap and healthy Greek yogurt:

I purchase unflavored Greek yogurt in a large container, which is way cheaper than the single serve cups. Plain Greek yogurt can be pretty sour so I flavor it with a tablespoon of jelly, jam or honey. This still has way less sugar than the pre-flavored Greek yogurt and there are no weird chemically ingredients, depending on the jam. The one cup sized mason jars are the perfect single serving size, so we can have flavored yogurt in our packed lunches during the week.

Drinking glasses and ready made party drinks:

Homemade lemonade looks ten times cuter in a mason jar. If you are planning a party make the drinks and cocktails ahead of time, and lid them up, and store them in a bucket of ice until you need them.

mason jars on ice

Via tea and cookies blog


Via Steve the bartender

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