Spring is Here, Honey Bust Out the Grill, It’s Time for Hobo Packets!

hobo packets for the grill I spotted the first Crocus blooming in our garden today. Its official, spring is finally here! Hopefully this isn’t nature’s idea of an April fools joke… Anyway, spring means grilling and grilling means hobo packets! This is another non-recipe, recipe. There are a few tips to getting these right though. My husband likes {ahem, loves} these because they are a no pot dinner, which means less dishes! Ingredients: – Vegetables usually I use one potato + 2-4 vegetables. Today I used: -Yukon gold potatoes -red onion -and green pepper Seasonings any thing goes here even good old salt and pepper is wonderful. Today I used a sprinkling of: – Garlic Powder – Turmeric – Salt – Pepper The secret ingredients: – Pat of butter – One Ice cube (don’t skip this!) Substitutes for vegetables: carrots, sweet potato, sweet peppers, green beans, summer squash or zucchini – pretty much anything coming out of the garden, when that time finally comes (I can’t wait). You can also substitute oil for the butter if you like, but butter is better in my opinion 😛 foil grill packets Preheat your grill or oven to around 400 degrees. Wrap up around 1-1/2 cups of vegetable/potato mixture with a pat of butter, seasonings and an ice cube in a large rectangle of aluminum foil. Fold over edges and seal well. If you are cooking these in the oven, I would recommend using a cookie sheet to catch any leaks from the packets. Cook for 10 minutes on one side, flip and cook for 10 minutes on the other side. Easy right? I usually push these to the back of the grill while I am grilling the main dish. This side is pretty forgiving and hard to overcook. The steam from the ice cube steams the veggies and keeps them from sticking and burning. hobo packets for the grill   If you don’t want to be bothered with cooking your meat/main separately, chop up some sausage or kielbasa into coins and add that to the packet prior to tossing on the grill. Are you ready for spring and gardening season? I sure am!


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