Arranging Your Own Flowers and a Wedding Bridesmaid Bouquet “Recipe”

diy wedding flowers

Arranging your own flowers is not difficult at all. You take a bunch of pretty flowers, bundle them up, and guess what? They’ll probably be beautiful. Easiest thing EVER! I was my own florist for my wedding. I saved a BUNDLE {like hundreds and hundreds of dollars!!} Now I’m confident I could do my own flowers for any other big event. Arrangements could be made for holidays, showers, gifts… The only caveat is that my favorite flower whole saler requires orders one month in advance so I have the plan ahead if I want to have certain varieties or colors in my arrangements. If I’m not going to be picky, Aldi grocery stores usually have cheap bouquets, that could be rearranged. If the season is right, you can look to your own garden for supplies.

So here is the story about arranging flowers for my wedding a couple of years ago.

For most of the vendors that helped out with my wedding I did my research online, took recommendations via word of mouth and interviewed two before choosing. It didn’t work out that way for the florist…

I took a day off of work in to talk to two florists and most importantly to get quotes. I was floored. I just wanted flowers for my attendants myself and bouts and corsages for the moms and dads. The quotes came in at around $1000 😦 . Discouraged, I interviewed a third full service florist as well as a florist that provides flowers and supervision/instruction while the brides and bridesmaids did all of the work arranging. Even with the “guided DIY” florist the flowers were still well over my $500 budget.

I finally gave up and decided I would be my own florist. After researching wholesale florists locally and online I was able to purchase flowers for my entire wedding for $230! Even with all of the supplies my total still came in under $300. That includes my bouquet, bouquets for five bridesmaids, bouts for the groom and groomsmen, fathers and grandfathers, and mini bouquets for the moms and grandmas. That’s right three-zero-zero. That’s all! I did take a lot of work but I have to say I couldn’t have been happier with the results. I wish I would have taken more pictures during the construction phase…

But here they are on the big day.

diy bridesmaid bouquets

I chose bright colors that would pop against the black bridesmaids’ dresses. My original inspiration bouquet included lots of tropical flowers. Once I saw how much those cost I opted for more roses and carnations in similar colors, and used tropical flowers sparingly. Also my research told me that roses and carnations are easy to keep fresh.

By the way, one florist quoted the split leaf philodendron at $5.00 a leaf. I spotted a split leaf philodendron plant at the green house on sale for $10.00, and yes it had more than two leaves, so I purchased it. Well him. My husband and I named him Phil. He’s still around the house… Here is a close up of Phil’s leaf; it’s the big one on the bottom.

Bridesmaid Bouquet

The roses are voodoo (orange) and hot princess (pink) varieties. The green berries are hypernicum and the bouquet is surrounded by orange carnations. I think I found out where the voodoo rose got its name. They have thorns. Lots of them! I think their thorns even had thorns. I stripped the thorns off of all of the roses by running my hand down the stems with leather gloves on. I tried a thorn stripper but it just mangled the stems. Anyway, the voodoo roses were a little more fragile than the hot princess roses but they still held up well.

arrange your own flowers

Bridesmaid Bouquet Recipe:

3 Voodoo Roses

3 Hot Princess Roses

3 Sprigs of Hypernicum Berries (AKA St. Johns Wort)

15 Orange Carnations

1 leaf from Phil.

My mom and I wrapped together the stems of a rose of each color and a sprig of berries using green floral tape. Then I arranged the bunches and wrapped those stems together. Once that was done I started adding the carnations around the edge 3 or 4 at a time, wrapping with floral tape as I went. Finally I added Phil. I had to wire the philodendron leaf and stem for extra support. The first time I tried to attach the leaf it snapped right off of the stem. The finished product was around 8″ in diameter.

The day of the wedding I had each bridesmaid wrap the bouquets with 1.5 yards of black ribbon, which they secured with a couple of corsage pins.

After the wedding I got a lot of questions about the process, timing, and how many hours went into putting everything together. I had a Saturday wedding and I received the flowers the Thursday before. I immediately completed stripping the thorns and any unnecessary leaves I cut the stems and put everything in to buckets partially filled with water. It took my mom and I about 6 hours to make all of the bouquets, including the bridal bouquet. I completed the boys’ bouts and the mom’s mini bouquets in an hour or two but I did those at a more leisurely pace, while chatting with friends and family.

Once the bouquets were arranged and taped I put them back into water. I left several inches of the stems un-taped so water wouldn’t seep into the tape. I put the bouts in zip top bags with a few holes poked in them. I kept the bouts in the fridge. A word of caution, make sure no fruits or veggies are in your refrigerator! They will make your flowers wilt faster. Since we didn’t have enough space in a refrigerator we just left the flowers in a darker room and turned the thermostat down to 60-65F to keep the flowers fresh.

On Saturday morning the bridesmaids helped me trim the stems to a shorter length before wrapping the stems with ribbon.

By the way here are some pictures of my bouquet and the boutonnieres. I used a similar method of taping small bunches of flowers together, then assembling the bunches into a larger bouquet. The yellow funky looking flowers in the bridal boquet are Pincushion Protea, aren’t they cool?

diy bridal bouquet

bridal flowersdiy boutonniere

I hope this post inspires you to arrange your own flowers. What about you, have you arranged flowers for fun or for a big event?

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