Supercheap Superbowl Menu

super cheap superbowl menu ideas

I’m having a few friends over for the big game. They are bringing over chips and salsa so I am planning a list of goodies that are complimentary flavors.

Super Cheap Superbowl Menu:

Chips and Salsa –

Chicken Quesadilla bites – Just cheese and chicken quesadillas cut up into little squares instead of big wedges. Easy-peasy crowd pleaser.

Slow cooker refried beans ($0.19 per cup) – This recipe from Pennies and Pancakes is too good to be true. Cheap, easy, healthy food for lazy people who want to just throw things it the crock pot. {Hey, that’s me} I’ll probably make a half batch because this recipe makes a LOT of beans. This blog also has a great recipe for bean dip, which is another great option.

Ranch Deviled Eggs – My very favorite deviled egg recipe. Also I have been craving these for like two weeks. {Recipe post coming on Sunday!}

Crudite and Ranch Dressing – Veggies and dip, who doesn’t like that?

Thrifty Microwavable Popcorn – I’m making several batches of this ahead of time so we can snack at will.

What do you think? Am I missing anything? What are you making for the big game?


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