Homemade DIY laundry soap


So I planned to blog mostly about the tried and true recipes that I really love, so I could have my recipes all in one place, and so that I could page through the best of the best when I need inspiration in the kitchen. This recipe obviously isn’t meant to be tasty but it IS a recipe and I DID make it in my kitchen. We use this laundry soap regularly. It’s cheap, it works well, and it makes our laundry room smell nice.

All of the ingredients cost around $12. This took 20-30 minutes to make including clean up. I found everything required in the laundry soap section of the supermarket. The first batch lasted for 9 months before I had to make more. Awesomesauce!

Homemade laundry soap

4 bars fels naptha soap 5.5 oz each

1 box washing soda 55 oz

1 box borax 76 oz

This process requires a large container for storage, a food processor with a grater and blade attachment and a garbage bag.

My food processor is quite small, at a 4 cups capacity, so I had to grate the soap in batches. The feeder tube is also small so I sliced the fels naptha soap bars in half length wise before feeding each one through the processor fitted with the grater disc. It all ends up looking like grated cheese.


Next, the grated soap gets fed through the food processor again, this time use the blade attachment. Process until the soap looks kind of like coarse sand.


Then mix everything together. If you don’t want to inhale the dust from the boarax and washing soda (and you don’t!) use a garbage bag to mix it up. First put all of the soap into the bag. I found it was easier just to cut the whole top of the washing soda and borax boxes with scissors. After the boxes are open, put the box in the bag, close the bag around your arm, and then empty it out into the garbage bag. Wait a few seconds and then take the box out. Repeat with other box of powder. Squish it around a bit then carefully empty into your storage container. I use a big Tupperware bowl. We just stash the bowl in the pedestal drawer under the washer.


We use 1-2 tablespoons per load in our high efficiency washer, depending on load size and how dirty the clothes are.


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