Broccoli Salad

You won’t get too much competition in the vegetable area when attending a pot luck.Lots of people bring a potato dish, or a dessert, or a pasta salad. No one brings broccoli. That’s a fact. 

I bring this salad to almost every family gathering I attend. It gets gobbled up because its chalk full of mayonnaise… and bacon. Everybody likes bacon. Your great aunt, your father-in-law, your little cousin. Everybody. 

1-1/2 lb. fresh broccoli tips cut into bite size pieces

1/2 lb. bacon, cooked and crumbled

1/2 c. of chopped scallions 

1/2 c. raisins


3/4 c. mayonnaise

1/2 c. sugar

2 Tbsp. red wine vinegar 

Mix up the dressing and pour over the salad ingredients. Serve cold. 

This tends to get wetter if the salad is stored mixed with the dressing for a day or so. If you want to make it ahead you can store the dressing in a resealable container like a mason jar and chill the salad ingredients in the bowl you intend to store it in. I usually make the bacon the day of the event so it is still crispy.

Also, I like to make the bacon in the oven. It takes a little longer, but you don’t have to  stand around and watch it while it cooks!


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